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Yolgnu Elders Excelling at STEM with Modfab Training

Yolgnu Digital Entrepreneurs Excel at STEAM

(3D Printing, CAD, Electronics and Recycling)


Ralph & Israel with their completed 3D Printed solar charged bike lights.

Making Bike Spoke Clips

Yolgnu Leaders also designed and 3D printed glow in the dark bike spoke clips as shown below. The  …………….. were encouraged to bring their totem animals into the design as a way to connect culture to technology.


Creating 3D Printed Stamps

Using a simple method of converting 2D, hand drawn, art to a 3D model, the elders created 3D printed fabric stamps to decorate their clothes. Ernest is pictured here with his Barracuda design and 3D print which he then used on a T-Shirt. We were so impressed with Ernest’s design we asked permission to make a t-shirt for each of us!



Israel adding the finishing touches to his T-shirt where he used his 3D printed rocket stamp.



But wait there’s more! The cleverness continues. Yolgnu elders designed jewellery in CAD and then 3D printed it. Here are two examples of their work. One is from Samuel who created dolphin and shark earrings and the other is a pendant designed by Ernest and then 3D Printed.

Designing and 3D Printing Jewellery


Yolgnu Elders Teaching Students from Milingimbi Public School

To finish off, our Yolgnu elders further excelled by teaching two groups of Yolgnu Students from Millingimbi how to design in CAD and then 3D Print. Modfab is proud to be part of their learning and feels privileged to be part of STEM empowerment of Yolgnu Elders and students.

Here Darren, Leon, Jacob and Ernest are teaching the students from Milingimbi School how to make bike name plates and bike spokes in Tinkercad.


ernestteachingstudentsCheck out this video of the trip Plastic Fantastic Training

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