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3d printing for education
Photo by Carl Heyerdahl

Welcome to the troubleshooting centre of Modfab Australia.

As suppliers of 3d printing for education & innovation, we are able to help 3d printing enthusiasts and students make the most of their equipment.

A part of supplying 3d printing for education and fun is being able to prepare your participants for all kinds of eventualities.

Getting ready to start your 3d printing and CAD adventure?

Check out these Essential Tools.

Already in the thick of things and looking for help with your 3d printing?

Begin troubleshooting 3D Prints.

Looking to improve your skills in 3d printing and CAD?

You are in luck! Modfab Australia is a BOSTE approved training organisation in 3d printing for education, innovation and more. Based out of Wollongong, we regularly work with schools, community organisations and private, public and government organisations. We also travel around Australia teaching 3d printing, CAD and associated technologies.

Check out our range of workshops on 3d printing for education and more now.

We also offer teacher training for schools and educational bodies.

If you are in business, you are in luck! We also offer 3d printing courses and CAD workshops for you, too.

Take a look at our ever evolving roster of training, workshops and courses.

Why choose Modfab for 3d printing for education & business?

3d printing for education, innovation and more is something that is close to our heart. Feel free to check out the official Modfab Australia blog to find out more information about what we do.

We also hold BOSTE accreditation. Which means we’re approved trainers throughout the school system. We work with the curriculum of each state and territory to design programs that engage the mind and get your students interested in the applications of 3d printing. These courses also to invigorate and encourage creative thinking, problem solving and more.

Raise your level of 3d printing for education or in business today. Contact us to discuss your training needs.

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