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Autodesk Fusion 360 CAD

Learn computer aided drawing with 360 fusion CAD

Discover the joy of computer aided drawing with Autodesk Fusion 360

Autodesk Fusion 360 is taking the education world by storm. It’s a true 21st Century computer aided drawing (CAD) software that combines the ability to design, render, test and output all in one easy to learn package.

Fusion is unique in the CAD world as the only professional grade software that is cross platform (Mac or PC).

Add to this, cloud storage and built-in collaboration tools and you have a package that is ideally suited to secondary and tertiary education environments.

Modfab Australia has developed a one-day training course that allows teachers to start using this truly modern design tool in their classrooms.

An experienced instructor will guide you through a series of four projects designed to teach candidates the tools and environments in the software in a practical way.

The computer aided drawing (CAD) course also includes :

  • A comprehensive reference manual
  • A worksheet in PDF form that can be used to instruct students in computer aided drawing and Fusion 360
  • A PowerPoint presentation with step-by-step videos to assist in training your class

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If you are considering our computer aided drawing training course, you may want to visit our Fusion 360 Resources page. It serves as a comprehensive list of technical and support documents associated with using the software at your location.

We endeavour to make you feel as confident and supported as possible to ensure the best possible experience.

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You can also find out some of the amazing days we’ve had working at various schools with Fusion 360. Take a look at our work with our immersion day at Hornsby Girls High school and Great Lakes Senior College as they embraced computer aided drawing and Fusion 360.

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