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Modfab 3d printing and computer aided design courses are popular for a very good reason.

Find out what some of our happy customers have to say!

wollongong performing arts high Modfab 3d printingA selected group of year 8 and 10 Visual Arts Collective students participated in an 3D printing incursion, which focused on Scanning and Digital Sculpting.

The incursion was run by the ModFab team, Ben and Heike, who have assisted the school in the development of their 3D printing program in Visual Arts.

This exciting new technology is at the forefront of cutting edge educational techniques and is beginning to become a popular tool for many educators in many disciplines.

This was a fabulous education opportunity and the Visual Arts department looks forward to implementing new educational programs in the near future featuring the 3D printer.

Ms K Stehr
Visual Arts Teacher
Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts


wollongong performing arts high Modfab 3d printingThe organisation for the day was easy, the students learnt how to use the software really quickly, and they were off and 3D printing in a couple of hours. They had the first of their 3D printed products to show off by the end of the workshop.

Ben and Heike were terrific with the students and provided all of the resources for a great workshop that was fun, informative and gave the students an opportunity to be creative and develop new skills.

Thank you Modfab.  

Rachel Jospe
Head Teacher TAS
Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts.



Merrylands High School Modfab 3d printingMerrylands High School had a Modfab 3d printing 3D immersion day in Term 1 2015. It was fantastic!

The day was filled with a range of different activities that the students loved. The focus was on design principles as well as learning how to use software for 3D printing.

The objects that students designed were printed during the day so students can showcase their 3D printed objects to their friends and family. The workshop leaders were professional and inspired teachers to integrate 3D printing into their teaching.
Alice Leung
Head Teacher Science
Merrylands High School


modfab 3 printing at Figtree Heights public schoolAs a Principal, developing ‘21st Century capabilities’ can be a challenging task. The way the world is changing and the challenges that are presented to schools today, it is essential that we take opportunities when they arise. This is exactly what we did at Figtree Heights when we were offered the opportunity by ModFab 3d printing to ‘trial’ a 3D printer in one of our senior classes.
At Figtree Heights, we are always looking to the future and utilising technology as a tool for learning. We have included laptops, interactive whiteboards and iPads to our repertoire of technology gadgets, but none of these have ‘removed the ceiling of learning’ quite like the 3D printer has. For our students to be able to take their own idea, ustilise a software program to manipulate that idea, then actually print their idea into a ‘real life’ figurine is one of the most moving learning opportunities that I have seen as an educator. In essence, it is allowing children to make their dreams a reality. This is why “3D printing” could be the single most effective shift in 21st Century learning tools.
Without this opportunity to trial the 3D printer, we may not have seen passion ignite for some of our learners. Every lunchtime, students are lined up, waiting for their turn to create something, the only limitation being their imagination. Apart from the ‘free creative use’ we have used it to support our units of work in curriculum areas. Teachers have printed fossils for Dinosaur units, 3D shapes for Mathematics lessons and one of our students created a ‘mouse caddy’ to help with tangle free storage of the common computer mouse.
After the trial, it was evident that our school needed to keep this tool for learning in our school. Our P&C could see the benefits their children were getting by having this incredible technology and purchased the school our very own to keep. We are now working towards the purchase of our second printer for the younger classes in the school.
Skye Hayward
Figtree Heights Public School


kanhooka high school - modfab 3d printingI chose Modfab 3dprinting because of their professional service and advice that helped me to select the right 3D printer for our school.
Modfab provided my school with the complete service, which included high quality and reasonably priced machines, consumables, full staff training, ongoing technical support and curriculum activities, all of which allowed my staff to use this emerging technology to enthuse and engage our students in the classroom.
Their ongoing service, which included free samples of new materials and a wealth of technical support, has assisted my staff to build their confidence and capacity in the use of 3D printing and I would not hesitate to recommend Modfab to other leading educational establishments.

Christine Toohey

Kanahooka High School


kanhooka high school - modfab 3d printingI had been interested in 3D printer to use in my classroom for over a year and although they were becoming affordable many of the suppliers I contacted did not offer the one-stop 3D printing service that Ben and Heike from the Modfab 3d printing team do.

The machine they supplied me was affordable, robust and easy to use and with the optional 2-day training course and teaching modules I was able to provide my students with a quality transformative learning experience in a short amount of time.

The after sales service is also excellent with Ben always happy to provide me with well priced consumables, advice and information. I have been very impressed with the Modfab teams wrap around service that has given me the confidence to incorporate this emerging technology in my lessons to engage and inspire students and teachers alike.

I would not hesitate to recommend Modfab to any educators who are interested in bringing this technology to their classrooms. 

Thorr Ivatt
Industrial Arts Faculty
Stage 4 Advisor
Kanahooka High School
“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.“
Albert Einstein


picton HS - modfab 3d printingMODFAB 3D Printing Technology Company have demonstrated a professional, knowledgeable and committed approach to all aspects of their services.

Our experience at Picton High School has been a positive one. We recently purchased four 3D printers from Ben Roberts and his team. Ben installed and commissioned each of the units and then provided training to 10 staff across a range of faculties so that this emerging technology can be implemented across a range of KLAs.

MODFAB have demonstrated commitment by answering a range of questions posed by staff and by providing up to date training materials for our staff to use within the school. The Industrial Arts faculty has used this opportunity to develop a year 7 unit of work around 3D printing technology that will be implemented in 2015 where students are required to design a promotional item that will be manufactured using the 3D printers.

Picton High School has been happy to partner with MODFAB 3D Printing Technology to provide students with rich learning opportunities using a technological resource that was not previously available at our school. We look forward to continuing this relationship in the coming years.

Andrew Stephens
Head Teacher Industrial Arts/ Computer Coordinator
Picton High School


figtree high school modfab 3d printingFigtree High School staff and students have participated in several exciting and innovative courses that have been conducted by Modfab 3D printing .

The presenters Heike and Ben Roberts have been exceptionally professional and the courses have been tailored to meet the specific needs of the participants. They have unlimited patience and each individual session was well paced. The teacher training has resulted in radical changes to the Design and Technology in our school curriculum and we will definitely be expanding this across many subject areas in the school.

Heike and Ben have the added bonus of a comprehensive and clear knowledge and understanding of the NSW BOSTES Syllabi. Heike has worked with Figtree High School staff to write programs that include the use of 3D printing. The staff and students have been very motivated in their understanding and practical applications of the 3D technology.

We will be continuing to work with Modfab 3D printing this year and into the future. I would highly recommend their professional learning to any school who wish to have their staff and students working in cutting edge 21st century technology.

Carol Marshman Dip Ed, BA., MEd.

Figtree High School

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