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Welcome to the Modfab Australia 3d printing shop

Find materials for 3d printing projects for kids and adults alike. Use these materials to help you create projects in the classroom and more.

Choose from a wide variety of materials to help you build 3d projects as well as equipment for the 3d printing.

You can call on Modfab Australia to begin your 3d printing adventure to provide your mainstay equipment.

If you are looking for parts and add ons to make your 3d printing experience, try our shop.

We also provide the sorts of things you need day to day to create your 3d printing projects such as filament, ABS, glass PET and more.

Modfab Australia are primarily a 3d printing and CAD training provider to the education, private and public sector. We carry materials to aid our previous students and those engaged in 3d printing activities with the materials they need.

As trainers, we know the right kinds of materials to use to make your project a success. You can also find practical assistance with your 3d printing journey in our troubleshooting section and on the official Modfab Australia blog.

We’re more than a store supplying tools and materials needed for 3d printing projects for kids and adults.

If you require training in 3d printing or CAD to create  3d printing projects for kids at a school level, please contact us about our in school workshops and/or teacher training courses.

We can work with your government agency and program to supply what you need to run a successful 3d printing course or workshop. We also train teachers in the art of teaching 3d printing and CAD to continue the learning process.

Modfab Australia deliver materials and equipment throughout Australia.

Want advice on products and services you can’t seem to find on our website? Why not get in touch? 


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