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Rocco get his 3D Printed Cyborg Hand

At Modfab, we’re proud of what we do for STEM education. We’re prouder still of when we get the opportunity to apply our knowledge in 3d printing for disability situations.

3d printing has an amazing wealth of applications in health. Items are now being crafted to help people with all kinds of medical issues and disabilities. The reason being is that unlike other medical equipment, 3d printing for disability means you can design from scratch and print objects that are tailored to the individual easier. This reduces wait times for items as well as the costs involved in producing them.

It also means that when kids are involved, items can be used quicker than they may have been in the past. By using 3d printing for disability purposes, that cutting of cost and time means that some kids can be given access to vital items while they are still growing.

If you think about kids shoes, that’s a yearly expense a parent needs to consider because a child grows so quickly. Now imagine the cost of replacing a prosthetic. 3d printing for disability projects enables a reduction in cost and time that makes creating items to help especially smaller children viable.

3d printing for disability Last night Ben Roberts from Modfab went to Rocco’s house to surprise him with a 3D Printed Cyborg Hand. The hand was printed in PET G red and went down well as it coordinated with his Spiderman Outfit!

We would like to acknowledge Wollongong Spotlight for providing the cord and elastic for his hand.  Rocco recently turned five and had his digits on his right hand missing since birth.

3D Printing has allowed this little chap to start fresh with a new hand.  Looking forward to seeing him riding  his bikes with  his mates and using his cyborg hand.

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