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fusion 360Modfab’s Fusion 360 Resource Download Page for Schools

Welcome to our Fusion 360 resources download page for schools and teachers. We’ve found these documents and links help our students and teachers navigate the wonderful world of Fusion 360 and enhance their experience of 3d printing on the whole.

Below you will find links to download the software and documents that will assist in the implementation of Fusion 360 at your school.

Please note: It has specific requirements for internet access which involves a range of network settings.

Autodesk has technical support at the ready to assist your school in implementing the software, so you can contact me on 0456 930 732 if you need to be connected to a support technician. I will pass your details on to the relevant manager at Autodesk Australia.

You will be prompted to create an Autodesk account prior to downloading any software.

Ensure that students create individual Autodesk accounts if they are going to install their own copy of the software.

Your Fusion 360 useful links

Click to create an account  and download the software installer.

Click for network installation documentation.  

For the single user installation document, click HERE.

Click now to enter the Autodesk community.  It includes a blog and a forum to help you with your questions.

Click download a brochure of  the 1 Day Fusion 360 Course offered by Modfab for teacher professional development.

Click to download a brochure of the 1 Day Fusion 360 Immersion Day offered by Modfab .  It’s a perfect course for 15 students and one teacher.

Our aim at Modfab is to make 3d printing, Fusion 360, CAD and related technology accessible and useful.

With that in mind, if you have any further questions about the software or anything to do with Modfab and our products, feel free to contact us on info(@)modfab(dot)com(dot)au and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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