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Modfab at Shapeshifters Australian Design Centre

Via our 3D Printing & Cadding Course, we’re designing, cadding and 3D printing up a storm at the Australian Design Centre in Sydney.

The ADC had the idea of playfully teasing at the imagination with the concept of shifting shape. The idea was to highlight the properties related to transformation found within the 3d printing world.

For example, the transformation of materials via extrusion. Or using the reuse, recycle and repair ethos by adapting plastics and creating filament from other items.

Then there is the transformation of an item from the concept through to the living, breathing project. The idea you can think of an artwork, a design, an idea or a project and then define it through computer aided drawing before taking it to print via a 3d printer is quite interesting when you think about it. The art of thinking and creating in our heads and then being able to visualise it and create it is like the shape shifting so often talked about in mythology and fiction.

Modfab was privileged to run 3D Printing & cadding workshops as part of the Shapeshifters Exhibition at the Australian Design Centre.

Check out the fun we had!

Photos from the Shapeshifters Workshops @ ADC, 2016, Photo credit: Vincent Buret

3D Printing & Cadding Course at ADC VIN_4203

Shapeshifters Workshops @ ADC, 2016, Photo credit: Vincent Buret

VIN_4139 VIN_4122  VIN_4058 VIN_4000 VIN_3994

You can see with every face the creativity, focus and interest reflected through each stage of the project creation.

We thoroughly enjoyed spending time at the Australian Design Centre. The idea of using a shape shifter theme was just the ticket for creating the right amount of imagination and interest. The students on the day were an absolute pleasure to work with and we look forward to seeing if this opportunity to experience the 3D Printing & Cadding Course in such an environment kindles a long term interest in STEM and 3d printing and computer aided drawing.

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