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Learning Labs, Little Labbers, Early Labbers – Fun 3D Printing & Cadding Workshop at UOW

Working with kids with programs like Learning Labs by the University of Wollongong are great. At Modfab Australia, we especially enjoy the opportunity to work with kids in a fun yet informal environment.

School holiday workshops on STEM, 3d printing and computer aided drawing is one such example.

Holiday workshops are so much fun. Modfab at the University of Wollongong  training students from Year 1 through to Year 10 about 3D Printing, Designing and Cadding.

Just look at the amazing pieces of work the kids have produced. It really shows that age is no barrier to being able to use this exciting technology. And that imagination and creativity is anywhere you care to look!

learning labs 3d print projects


3d printing for kids

STEM workshops in action 13718054_10209800721874016_914126240_o 13682614_10209800725034095_343998395_o

Modfab are happy to work with Learning Labs. If you are in the Illawarra or South Coast region and looking for a fun way to engage the kids during school holidays, Learning Labs can be a great idea.

Held at the innovation campus at the University of Wollongong, these programs run each year to encourage a practical, creative and fun approach to STEM. The beauty of the program is that the classes are large enough to allow for the use of the best materials and to share the creative vibe. But they are small enough to allow the kids to really put their stamp on the work they create. That means each child is engaged in a way that speaks to them.

If you’d like Modfab’s help in exploring the options available to your school or university or school holiday program, we’re more than happy to hear from you.

We’ve worked with universities, schools, museums, galleries, community groups, Men’s Sheds and more to bring 3d printing and CAD to all kinds of places in Australia.

Whatever your plan- whether it’s a program for fun and innovation during the school holidays like Learning Labs or if you’re looking to add to a regular program (or introduce a new one), Modfab can help.

Create your own version of the Learning Labs experience- get in touch with Modfab today!

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