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Modfab@UOW Learning Labs 2017- Future STEM Entrepreneurs

Preparing Future STEM Entrepreneurs through Design,CAD and 3D Printing

Students from Early Learning Labs, Little Learning Labs and Learning Labs 2017 (Infants, Primary and High School) participated in a number of engaging workshops one of them 3D Printing & CAD which projects them into becoming Future STEM Entrepreneurs.

Year 1 and Year 2 students made 3D Printed pencil toppers and unique 3D Printed Stamps using Tinkercad.

Future STEM EntrepreneursFuture STEM EntrepreneursFuture STEM Entrepreneurs









Students apart from exploring CAD and 3D Printing were also given the opportunity to extend their ideas and become STEM entrepreneurs. It was mind blowing what our Year 1 and 2 students came up with an example above is the “Incredapult” which was a catapult created in Tinkercad – a toy every child would love to play with.

Year 5 and Year 6 students extended their skills set using Tinkercad by creating Minecrafte buildings, characters and transferring those into their own worlds. They then went on to create some phenomenal 3D Printed Tic Tac dispensers where they had to create a variety of mechanical devices using CAD.  Below is a short video of just one that was finished early.

future stem entrepreneurs

Years 7 – 10 students took on a new software package – Autodesk’s Fusion 360. 90 % of students in the class had never used any CAD software before but took to this extensive CAD software package likes duck to water.  Their enthusiasm was matched with their new skill set and amazing products were created which could easily be considered onto a Kickstarter Campaign. A creation by Sam and Amos who created designed doorknobs which could easily be operated by people with disabilities, have rheumatoid arthritis or simply have their hands full.  Students when given the right educational training are able to flourish and present their own engaging ideas from a digital world into the physical world; a transition from CAD to 3D Printing.

Future STEM EntrepreneursGet your BOSTES 7 hour accredited professional development as a teacher from Modfab or have Modfab come to your school and explore the vast potential Design, CAD and 3D Printing has to offer all students. Check out the schools we have worked with. Contact us and ensure that your students have the best opportunities to become the future STEM Entrepreneurs. See above for contact information.


Click here to see videos of some of their inventions.


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