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3D Printing in Art? Gladstone Regional Art Gallery hosts the Shapeshifters Exhibition.

3D Printing Workshops - Shapeshifters
Shapeshifters -Modfab Workshops at Gladstone Art Gallery

Be inspired by  the Shapeshifters Exhibition; Australian Artists using 3D Printing

Then get hands on with Modfab’s 3D Printing Workshops.

 The Gladstone Regional Regional Art Gallery and Museum are hosting the ADC Shapeshifters Exhibition.  Modfab will be running Design, CAD & 3D Printing Workshops at the Gallery and will be having massive fun with both students and the general public to explore what they can come up with. Here are some of our candidates from previous workshops at the Shapeshifters Exhibition.

3D Printing Workshops at ADC
Digital Citizens creating in the digital world and printing it in the physical.

3D Printing Workshops at ADC with Modfab

Be inspired by the artists in the Shapeshifters Exhibition and then come along to the workshops.  Modfab has trained over 800 teachers through our NESA accredited course and thousands of students at schools, University of Wollongong Learning Labs, Wollongong Science Centre, ALPA and RDA Hunter to name a few.

The Shapeshifters exhibition represents a culmination of works by Australian Artists who have embraced Design, CAD & 3D Printing. Notable artists are Louis Pratt with his sculpture King Coal as shown below.

This amazing sculpture took over 2000 hours to 3D print!

3D Printed Sculpture
Louis Pratt, King Coal, 2015

Need somewhere to sit? Why not choose a 3D Printed stool that has been crafted by Ryan Penning.

Another  artist , Ryan Penning, is also innovative in his use of Design, CAD and 3D Printing. Each stool has its own algorithm and was printed by a robotic arm.

3d printed chair
Made from PLA 2015

Can you 3D Print Clothes?

Well XYZ, an artist represented in the Shapeshifters Exhibition has certainly done that.

Shapeshifters Modfab
At 2.1 metre it is the world’s longest 3D printed dress using only a desktop printer

Blending traditional dressmaking techniques with digital technology, inBloom makes polylactic acid (PLA) function like textile. The open-source files of the dress are free to download, encouraging people to ‘hack’ the dress and make it their own.

Want to do the 3D Printing workshops with Modfab?

Click on links below!

1/2 Day Immersion Workshop

1/2 Day Minecraft – Tinkercad Workshop

Full Day Immersion Workshop


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