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Want to be different and stand out from the crowd! Make it with CAD & 3D Printing.

Stop wondering ‘are there 3d printing classes near me?’ and make them happen with Modfab Australia. Here’s how you can jump on board the 3d printing and CAD workshop train with our BOSTE approved courses and trainers.

Got an idea - make it happen with 3d printing classes from Modfab AustraliaStudents designing unique functional objects

Over the last couple of days, students have been busy and excited to be designing their own unique ideas with Modfab Australia. Students of all kinds have been learning how to use the technology and then 3D Printing them ikn a safe, rewarding learning environment.

Modfab are responding to the growing call of “are there 3d printing classes near me?” made by Australian educators. By offering simple, affordable, practical and oh so useful STEM workshops, one day training courses, teacher training and more right across the country, we help you to enthuse your students and make 3d printing a workable part of your student’s learning experience.

Here are some photos of 3D Prints created by students within 3 hours of the workshop.  CAD and 3D Printing is user friendly and allows students to generate their own designs from a digital format into a physical domain through 3D printing. The skills developed now through our courses could be demanded by many professions as important future parts of job descriptions and career paths.

As part of our commitment to answering the ‘are there 3d printing classes near me?’ calls made by so many Australian educators, Modfab has been at the Australian Design Centre running these workshops.

Not only did they hone STEM skills, they allowed students to be inspired by Australian artists and designers who are part of the Shapeshifter’s Exhibition at the ADC gallery.

A combination of hands on learning using contemporary technology coupled with the inspiration of seeing Australian artists such as Louis Pratt and designers using 3D Printing and CAD in their artworks is a must see for students, teachers and anyone with an enquiring mind.

There are more workshops planned in the holidays, don’t miss out. Follow this link and book now.  


3d printing classes near me
Stop wondering ‘are there 3d printing classes near me?’ and make them happen with Modfab Australia

Want to bring 3d printing classes to your city or town? Check out our range of courses now.

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