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Troubleshooting 3D Prints

Troubleshooting 3D Prints
Photo by Poodar Chu

Troubleshooting 3d prints is all part of the work you’ll discover when choosing to work with 3d printing and CAD.

At Modfab Australia, we run workshops and in house training for all kinds of schools, educational places and businesses. We come across some standard issues with some regularity.

To help grow the knowledge of all 3d printing enthusiasts, we’re putting together a troubleshooting section to help you.

Some common issues you’ll come across when troubleshooting 3d prints are:

My PLA Print Won’t Stick! (referring to the use of PLA as your preferred material)

My ABS Print Won’t Stick! (referring to the use of ABS as your preferred material)

Are you are a more tailored approach to troubleshooting 3d prints?

Modfab Australia are based in the Illawarra, New South Wales but regularly travel to help primary, high school and university and TAFE students learn 3d printing and CAD. We also help organisations that service all kinds of sectors within the community including government, private companies, public companies, the disability sector and more.

If you are looking for training and workshops in the exciting world of 3d printing and CAD, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Beyond troubleshooting 3d prints in classrooms and manufacture, we bring every day training and workshops to interested groups. Whether you are looking to broaden the horizons of your students, looking to upskill your workforce or simply looking to offer other opportunities, we can help.

Other support to help you troubleshooting 3d print issues:

Take a look at our troubleshooting section.

Browse our resources section for 3d software, plastic info and general troubleshooting advice.

Want to take your knowledge and understanding to the next level? Check out our range of 3d printing courses.  We’ll have you troubleshooting 3d prints and all your 3d printing and CAD issues in no time.



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