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3d printing hand tools

3d printing hand tools help you troubleshoot issues with 3d printing easily and safely.

That’s why it’s a good idea to set yourself up with a kit of 3d printing hand tools you’re going to need on a regular basis.

When you’re running your 3d printer, seconds and minutes can count.  So having the following 3d printing hand tools ready and raring to go is helpful.

Here’s a collection of 3d printing hand tools you’ll use to create your projects as well as keep your printer and other equipment in tip top condition.

Your essential 3d printing hand tools

First and foremost, you’re going to need a pair of side cutters or wire cutters. 

These are for cutting and preparing the filament to feed it into the extruder.  You’ll use these constantly.

3d printing hand tools

Next up, a pair of long nosed pilers or needle nosed pliers. These are useful for removing blobs of molten plastic from around the extruder.

Longnose pliers

An inexpensive paint scraper will keep your bed clean of accumulated goop. This is great if you plan to work with ABS a lot but is useful with all kinds of material.

Paint scraper

A digital multi-meter is another great addition to your 3d printing hand tools collection.

Like it or not, you’ll have to become familiar with some of the electronics in your machine.

Heaters and thermocouples can fail and it’s going to get your 3d printing machine back up and running faster if you can determine the problem yourself.

Printers running the more common firmwares will throw codes that you can research but there’s no substitute for being able to physically measure a component.

Digital multi-meter

It also goes without saying that safety is an essential component of working with 3d prints and should be a consideration with your 3d printing hand tools.

Looking for more advice on troubleshooting your 3d printing projects? Check out the troubleshooting section.

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