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Training for Business

Value add and upskill your business through 3D printing technology!

Engineering:       (applications) foundry, automotive, mining, aerospace, plant design
Hospitality:          (applications) commercial cookery, customised food moulds and decorations

Signage:                 (applications) complex design, custom fonts, LED illuminated signs

Manufacturing: (applications) short run customised products, prototyping

Artists:                   (applications) jewellery, sculpture

Medical:                (applications) prosthetics, orthotics, CT Scan prints

Architects:           (applications) building and interior design, civil construction design, town planning

Fashion design: (applications) accessories, shoes, bags, customised clothing articles

Scientists:             (applications) customised laboratory equipment, visualisation, tool design and creation

Marketing:           (applications) digital media, branding, customised give aways


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