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3d printing in high school enables teenagers to produce bionic hand

Looking for an amazing example of 3d printing in high school environments that is bound to capture the imagination of students and teachers alike?

Check out this amazing story out of Illawarra local high school, Figtree High. These students made a bionic hand- and won and award in the process!

Chad Dewhurst, James Kuzman, Tiffanie Doan, and Chris Kiotis will be presented with a $1500 cheque for their school during the MindShift forum as part of the Blender Festival.

Taking 3d printing in high school classroom settings to new heights is what Modfab is all about. We really enjoyed the opportunity to work with students and were amazed by the creativity, design, practical application and beauty of the works submitted.

3d printing in high school Figtree High School Winners of the Robotics Category
Illawarra Mercury, Desiree Savage interviews Modfab Director and ARC Head Professor Gordon Wallace Figtree High School Winners of the Robotics Category

Check out the article in the Illawarra Mercury entitled ModFab awards Figtree High teens for designing and create and artificial hand.

As STEM education heats up in the Illawarra and beyond, Modfab are also pleased to announce we’re continuing our commitment to it’s growth in and outside the region. We will be working to take 3d printing in high school, primary school, TAFE, private colleges and more in our quest to put STEM on the map.

Being able to work with young people that value being able to create their own projects via 3d printing, computer aided drawing and associated technologies is a love and a talent of Modfab’s.

We were excited to work with all our pilot schools and to be able to connect with new innovators, tinkerers and creators of the next generation.

Thanks to Figtree High staff and students for your enthusiasm and participation. And congratulations again to the winners.

If you want to watch as we bring 3d printing in high school and primary environments to life, stay tuned to our blog.

If you want to bring 3d printing and CAD to your school, check out our teacher training program.

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