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Talking to ABC about teaching 3d printing in Arnhem Land

It seems the word is spreading about Modfab’s commitment to 3d printing in Arnhem Land. We recently had the opportunity to talk about our work with the ABC.

For those of you that are not familiar with the project, Modfab Australia has been flying to the Northern Territory to enable remote communities with STEM technology. Under the ‘Fantastic Plastic’ initiative and through working with local schools and community bodies, Modfab are working to encourage 3d printing in Arnhem Land.

3d printing in Arnhem LandThe program itself is about creating culturally relevant items while demonstrating technology. We work with 3d printing, maker techniques, computer aided drawing and mix in art and science in equal measure.

What programs like this do is bring 3d printing in Arnhem Land as well as the opportunity to create new businesses. The nature of work is changing. People want avenues to create small businesses, startups and other ideas in a supportive environment.

Speaking of the environment, we also work with the groups to reduce waste and limit our eco footprint by using recycled resources. We tap into the Aboriginal tradition of working with the land and to recycle, reuse and repair what we can. While we may be there in the role of teacher officially, learning the importance of that autonomy and connection has been a wonderful bonus to the work we do.

Fantastic Plastic is also designed for the people by the people. We’ve taken 3d printing in Arnhem Land to the audience with the support and invitation of the Arnhem Land Progress Aboriginal Corporation and the not for profit co-op of stores in the area.

We’d like to pay our respects to elders past and present for allowing us to explore the possibilities. Teaching 3d printing in Arnhem Land is by far one of the most rewarding experience the Modfab team has ever experienced.

Check out the story about Modfab on ABC Illawarra with Justin Huntsdale.


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