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Teacher Professional Development

3D Printing & CAD Using Tinkercad

professional development NESA 3D Printing & CAD

We have designed this 3D printing and CAD course to be useful across primary and secondary levels.  Learning CAD and 3D printing together will prepare you to take your new skills straight to the classroom.  This online course goes into great detail on how to configure, operate and troubleshoot a desktop 3D printer We incorporate Tinkercad as a CAD platform and use a series of fun and practical projects to help you learn quickly.  We have trained over a thousand teachers across Australia and the feedback is always very positive!  This course provides 7 hours of NESA registered professional development.

Getting Started with Fusion 360

Fusion 360 NESA accredited teacher professional development

Our online Fusion 360 NESA accredited PD course will suit almost anyone who wants to learn this exciting, modern 3D modelling software.  Whether you’re a CAD veteran or a complete beginner this course will give you the foundation skills for Fusion 360.  The learning is structured around a series of fun, practical projects that demonstrate the power of this package.  5 hours and 15 minutes of registered professional development.



Getting Started with Tinkercad

If you just want to get started with Autodesk Tinkercad, this course will get you going.  Starting with setting up an account and learning the interface, the course takes you through a series of fun projects that teach you all the basic and advanced features of the software.






Quick Start 3D Printing

Our Quick Start 3D Printing course was specifically designed for teachers who want to learn how to 3D print without getting into the technicalities too much. The course will show you where to find 3D resources and then prepare them for the 3D printer.  The course provides teachers with 2 ½ hours of registered PD.

Advanced 3D Printing

Advanced CAD & 3D Printing

Our Advanced 3D Printing course is currently under construction.

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