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Applying STEM education to create Tic Tac dispensers via Learning Labs

Being involved in STEM education is a whole lot of fun, as this video shows.

Modfab taught students from primary and high school, Learning Labs, University of Wollongong how to use 3D Printing Technology & CAD and become a Maker! Students came let their imaginations run wild and each came up with their unique product- a 3D Printed Tic Tac Dispenser.

Applying STEM education to create Tic Tac dispensers via Learning Labs is a fun activity for everyone involved. Whether you are primary school or high school aged, or a teacher involved, this is a great way to connect with STEM education.

The benefits of using everyday use items as a demonstration model is that the students begin to see how things are created. They can also wrap their head around the concepts and visualise right from the beginning of the process.

In this 3 minute video, we look at the practical and fun applications of STEM education in action as we create the unique 3D Printed Tic Tac Dispensers with the students.

One of the things Modfab Australia is quite proud of is our ability to work with kids and adults of all ages to get the STEM education message out there. By using part art, part science, we hope to engage and encourage an entire generation of artists, designers, scientists, problem solvers, 3d printers, builders, manufacturers, inventors, innovators, computer aided drawers and STEM enthusiasts with this new technology.

You only have to look at the video to see the benefits of having a hands on and practical yet fun approach to STEM education with kids of all ages. from tiny tot to teacher, there isn’t a person alive that doesn’t start to get excited at the potential for creation and expression.

Check out our video now.

Thanks to the UOW Learning Labs for having us visit.

And if you want to explore STEM education opportunities for your school, gallery, museum or science centre, get in touch with Modfab.



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