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STEM Workshops (3D Printing & CAD) for Year 1 & 2 at UOW Little Learning Labs- Inspiring Agile Young Minds !

Applying STEM early learning principles doesn’t have to be difficult. Check out the fun Modfab recently had working with students in year 1 and year 2 through the University of Wollongong Learning Labs.

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What an Amazing 2 Days for STEM early learning principles!

The last two days have been incredible to say the least. We have had the pleasure of working with sixteen year 1 and year 2 students. These agile young minds excelled in their fusion of technology and the arts.

The students created their own 3D stamps, 3D printed them, and ultimately customised their own T-Shirts.

But it does not stop there.

The two days involved 3D Printing Literacy and Numeracy along with project based learning and critical thinking. The culmination of our two day workshop was a group project to develop a product.

Finally our participants pitched their innovative products in an effort to secure a win. 3D Printing and CAD addresses literacy and numeracy in the new syllabus, and reinvigorates STEM subjects which students found highly engaging. 21st Century Learning has never been so much fun!

STEM early learning programs like these are not only a lot of fun to work on, they give kids a great foundation for learning as well. Children simply love being able to combine the art, creativity and problem solving skills. So much so, most of them don’t even realise they are going anywhere near maths and science at all. This bodes well for a relationship with science, technology, engineering and maths in future through a fun, approachable access to the STEM principles.

Kids get to learn by doing and experience STEM early learning framework in action, all while having fun and creating something that means something to them.

We’d like to thank all our students for making the day so rewarding. We’d also like to acknowledge the continued support of the University of Wollongong and their Innovation Campus.

We look forward to more STEM early learning workshops in the future!

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