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PET-G 1.75mm 1kg SKY BLUE

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PET plastic is commonly used in product packaging and bottles.  It is a tough, durable plastic and is ideal for use in any prints that need to be stable when exposed to water. PET-G displays one of the best inter-layer bonding characteristics for a 3D printer material.

PET-G prints in a range between 220°C and 230°C for best results.  It is transparent in its natural form and the colours are non-opaque.  When printed, the transparency becomes translucent.

1 review for PET-G 1.75mm 1kg SKY BLUE

  1. MrLugeman (verified owner)

    Arrives in a vacuum sealed bag that gives a satisfying hissss sound when you open it. So you know it is dry.
    The blue is really pretty and my printed parts have a glittery finish. I found it easier to work with than ABS because of the low shrinkage. It did not warp off the bed.
    It should to be printed at 250C but i was able to feed the extruder at 238C which is my normal ABS printing temperature. My first test prints survived my machines unstable temperatures …. with temperatures dropping as low as 200C without stoppage.
    It definitely has a lot of stretch before breaking point when i tested a piece.

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