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Plastic Fantastic is getting some serious press

Plastic Fantastic initiative
Serena and Vanessa working on the Plastic Fantastic initiative

The Plastic Fantastic initiative is a flagship program of Modfab and our commitment to creating creative and employment opportunities. We’re working with groups in Arnhem Land as well as the government and Indigenous elders to create programs that help bring STEM education and opportunities to the Northern Territory.

We have started getting some good press attention for the work we are doing, which is helping spread the word. Here is an ABC news article on the Plastic Fantastic initiative and the work we’re doing.

As far as industry press goes, we’ve also been featured in a article  on the Plastic Fantastic initiative and other work we are doing within schools, communities and with organisations. This is another big thrill for us because 3Ders is the biggest 3d printing news site in the world. They break all kinds of interesting stories from 3d printing, CAD and STEM related businesses, schools and organisations all the time.

Receiving recognition for the Plastic Fantastic initiative and the work Modfab Australia do to help people learn is incredibly rewarding. Being about to share the word with people that care about using STEM in job creation, education and more makes us incredibly proud.

We look forward to continuing to spread the good word of the Plastic Fantastic initiative and other works we are doing as we go along.

You can tune into our progress with the Plastic Fantastic initiative, our teacher training programs for schools and other highlights by checking out the Modfab blog. You’re also welcome to follow us on Facebook to receive regular updates as they happen.

We’d like to thank the ABC and 3Ders for sharing our journey. And we’d like to give a special shout out to all the students and teachers we work with in various parts of the country. Your support is what makes Modfab a success.

Follow our journey with the Plastic Fantastic initiative and more via the blog. 

March 29, 2017
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