3d printing and 3d design
3d printing and 3d design at the Australian Design Centre

3d printing and 3d design go hand in glove. So it seems fitting that some of Australia’s leading places of design excellence are starting to explore the avenues available with this exciting technology. One such place taking the 3d design and printing plunge is Sydney’s Australian Design Centre.

Modfab is thrilled to be collaborating with the Australian Design Centre in delivering 3D Printing & 3d design CAD training to members and teachers across Australia.

The Shapeshifters Exhibition will tour numerous art galleries right across the country. This exhibition is flying the flag for 3d printing and 3d design as a working format in the arts, interior and design sectors.

Places such as the Western Plains Culture Centre in Dubbo, Sturt Gallery in Mittagong, Devonport Regional Gallery in Devonport, Design Tasmania in Launceston, Wagga Art Gallery in Wagga Wagga, Gladstone Regional Art Gallery and more  will see this exciting technology on display and in action.

Mixing art and 3d design helps share the 3d printing technology with a wider audience. It’s a great way to introduce concepts surrounding STEM to regional centres. Plus, a simple excursion to the local art gallery can capture the imagination and introduce 3d printing and 3d design through computer aided design to students, teachers, parents and the general public.

Adults and kids alike can get a first hand look and exploration of this exciting technology in action. What will come from this kind of exposure and the ability to play and create with 3d technology is boundless in potential.

Above are our printers which are going on tour with the exhibition.  Pictured with Ben Roberts is Rose, Claire and Radhi who will be running the events.

To ensure smooth running of the printers in the exhibition Modfab trained all three participants in how to operate the 3DPrinters and computer aided 3d design.

We look forward to working with the Australian Design Centre and the shapeshifters touring roadshow.