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Using 3d printing training to fix every day problems in Arnhem Land

3d printing training works. But it works so much better when there is a practical application to the technology you use.

With 3D printing Boat Bungs for remote communities – no need to wait for the barge! Why is this important?

One of the frustrations of living in a remote community is the time it takes to get things you need. In the case of Milingimbi in the Northern territory it can mean weeks of waiting even for something as simple as a bung for your boat.

According to the locals, this is one item that is in continual demand as bungs get lost or forgotten. To replace one it could cost up to $10 and if you’re missing one, you won’t be going fishing!

When Modfab arrived to collaborate on the ALPA “Plastic Fantastic” project to train two groups of Indigenous elders in 3D printing and CAD, there was a fairly high level of interest from the locals too. 3d printing training started to be seen as a solution to a common local problem.

After hearing of the bung scarcity, our own Ben Roberts from Modfab designed and 3D printed a prototype based on a sample supplied by Michael Gubbin, the proprietor of the Milingimbi Lodge.

With the bung printed out Michael was keen to test fit the device and discovered it was completely serviceable and costs in the vicinity of ten cents to make.

As an added bonus, once the RJCP gets their recycled plastic filament into full production, the bung will cost even less and be made from recycled plastic that otherwise would have found itself in a landfill somewhere.

Here is Michael Gubbin from Millingimbi Lodge testing the 3D printed boat bung on his boat. Yes it is a fit!


3d printing training 3d bung
3D Printed Boat Bung


3D Printed Boat Bung
Michael uses his newly printed boat bung.

Good to see that 3d printing training pay off and to see practical solutions to small (yet large impact) problems being found.

Curious about using 3d printing training to fix every day problems in your town? Check out our range of 3d printing training and get in touch now. 

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