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Modfab conducts 3D Immersion Day at Merrylands High School

3d printing high school projects and getting the kids engaged with computer aided drawing are part of the every day for Modfab. We really enjoy speaking to students about STEM and helping them apply the concepts of science, technology, engineering and maths to their school work.

Working on  3d printing high school projects not only gives us the opportunity to help schools meet curriculum requirements, it’s also a great opportunity to invigorate learning, do something special and bring creativity and imagination to the fore.

Modfab offer a variety of different 3d printing high school workshops but one of our favourites is definitely the immersion day. During the immersion day workshop, students spend the day focused on 3d printing, STEM and computer aided drawing (CAD). They work with the teachers and the Modfab team to define, develop and create their own projects using our technology.

One such example of the immersion day course as a successful 3d printing high school workshop is our recent visit to Western Sydney’s Merrylands High School.

3d printing high school Merrylands HS 3D Immersion Collage

Teachers and students alike at Merrylands High School were fully immersed in 3D Printing.  Students came up with exciting and unique design ideas and shared their amazing CAD files with the class.

One of the things we love about presenting 3d printing high school workshops is that we can see the kids become excited by what they are learning. We can also see the teachers respond. At Merrylands High School, both student and teacher come together to create opportunities with technology on a regular basis.

This is showing in their results in the region as a school that kicks an awful lot of goals in terms of learning and technology. We thank the school for their time and look forward to working with them again.

To find out about how the immersion day works, check out the course information.

If you’d like 3d printing high school or primary school workshops at your place of learning, get in touch now. 



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