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Making a Mask with a 3D Pen

3d printing in school works the best when you have some fun and interesting projects that all the students can participate in.

Making a mask via 3d printing technology not only allows each student to show their creative abilities, it also helps demonstrate some of the tools of the trade.

Here’s a good project for your 3D pen that is great for 3d printing in school!

To start the project, Modfab Australia purchased a range of plain cardboard masks from Spotlight. 

When considering what materials to use when 3d printing in school environments, we’ve learned from experience it is made so much easier if you can find materials for these projects from your standard stores. If you don’t happen to have a Spotlight in your town or city, they also have a great online shop.

They have quite a good range, so you should be able to find something that suits your needs while also giving a selection of items for the students to choose from. Mask_Making_001

Next comes preparation of the masks.

To help the PLA plastic to release from the mask, the whole thing is covered in 14 Day Blue Masking Tape.

The tape can be cut into thinner strips to enable it to conform to the shape of the mask.



It’s time to start 3D penning.

If you wanted to, you could use a Sharpie or something similar to mark out your design.  In this case, we’re going freehand.



We’ve decided to go with two colours on this one. The yellow is all done and we’re going to fill in the open spaces with blue.

Again, the beauty of using this as part of your 3d printing in school is that students can decorate the masks and make them their own. All while learning 3d printing, STEM and stimulating creativity.


All the blue areas have been filled in and the mask is looking great!


With some sunlight on it, you can see the translucent nature of the blue and yellow PLA.

3d printing in school environments with Modfab

So there you have it- a simple project for 3d printing in school. It’s great for all ages and for usage in art classes through to science and maths.

Looking for other ways to activate 3d printing in school environments? Check out our teacher training course.


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