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Live Demo for Manufacturing Skills Australia

Manufacturing Skills Australia is a body that looks at proving proper support and training to boost the capabilities of the manufacturing industry in Australia. It’s aim is to bring a variety of skills to the manufacturing industry to help create a stronger future.

Manufacturing Skills Australia is the national body responsible for ensuring that manufacturing enterprises have the workforce skills they need to be globally competitive.

One such way manufacturing in Australia could benefit is through applying 3d printing, STEM learning and computer aided drawing to the agenda. Moving away from some kinds of manufacturing while enhancing others with new technologies and skills is a powerful thing indeed. Job creation and industry viability is strengthened by being open minded and considering all kinds of technology.

When we visited the Trade Skills Day at Eagle Vale High School we were very fortunate to meet Chris Parish and Gary Dunshea from Manufacturing Skills Australia.  They work with enterprises, employer and industry associations, trade unions and industry advisory bodies to identify what skills are needed and how these can most effectively be implemented in industry.

Importantly for Modfab, they were keenly interested in 3D printing after seeing our presentation at Eagle Vale.

Manufacturing Skills Australia meet Modfab

We had almost the entire staff at the North Sydney office attend our presentation. This curious and future thinking bunch of individuals were fascinated by the technology and could see a bright future for 3D printing in many areas of manufacturing.

Being able to demonstrate 3d printing, CAD and related STEM technologies to organisations like Manufacturing Skills Australia bode well for the future.

By using technology to the best advantage, we can potentially advance science, technology and the employment sector. We most certainly create avenues for study and for work that replace some of the industries we no longer rely on.

We’d like to thank the Manufacturing Skills Australia team for the opportunity to demonstrate. We hope to do the same for many more organisations in future.

Want to follow the example set by Manufacturing Skills Australia and receive a demonstration from Modfab for your organisation? Get in touch!  

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