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High School Students Pitch their 3D Printed Projects!

Presentation of 3d printed projects
High School Students on a makers workshop

Students Pitching their 3D Printed Projects

High school students at Learning Labs from the University of Wollongong, New South Wales, pitch their final 3D Printed projects as part of 21st Century and project based learning.

As part of the 3D Printing & CAD Course- “Become a Maker!”  students had the opportunity to create 3D functional objects using CAD in association with STEM based skills. This learn by doing style of working with technology allows students the ability to conceptualise and complete 3d printing projects of their own making.

The students were introduced to a number of mechanisms and then had the opportunity to create their own unique product as part of their 3d printing project.

Encouraging the creativity and imagination of students is part and parcel of the STEM ethos. It was a blue sky project (so one without limits yet with a lot of thought and imagination behind it) to end the day where students were able to pitch their final 3D printed projects to the rest of the class.

A highly engaged and enthused crowd brought out the best in all the participants on the day. It was great to see creative ideas and collaboration at work.  It resulted in amazing products that could be the start of a longer journey with 3d printing, CAD and related technologies. Some students were so enthused and excited by the marriage between technology and creativity, you could literally see the future applications of the technology floating behind their eyes as they worked.

Such excitement and enthusiasm could very well usher in the next Hackagong entries.

The Modfab team enjoyed the opportunity to work with Learning Labs and the University of Wollongong while meeting the next generation of makers in the Illawarra.

Want to bring 3d printing projects to life with your STEM students? Modfab are only an email or phone call away. Contact us now to discuss. 

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