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Wollongong’s Hackagong hits the innovation high notes

Modfab was on the ground at Hackagong 2014. This event just keeps getting better! Hackagong is a great initiative as it looks towards solving problems in regional areas through technology while making the ability to participate in identifying and hacking the problems as open and transparent as possible.

This means the marriage between technology and acceptance of all means we can produce some truly interesting and locally geared projects.

Our founder Ben participated last year as a contestant. This year Modfab was very pleased to be able to make three printers available to the event. Boy, did they get a workout.

hackagong 002

As the teams began their projects, things were fairly slow in the 3D printing unit so Ben kicked off a few prints for giveaways.  As the day progressed, more jobs came in but fortunately, so did the number of printers thanks to Matt and Fletcher  from Me3D.

Along with Matt Danic from MadMat 3D printing, we weathered the onslaught.  Ben had to break at six for dinner but was back by 8pm for more setups and prints.  By the time Modfab finished up, it was 2am!

Photo: Mostafa Photography

On Sunday, we could see many of the projects with 3D components coming together which was very satisfying.  One of the notable projects was Mecha Chapter, a mech warrior board game with a range of beautifully designed playing pieces which we tried to do justice to as 3D prints.


Sunday was also the day for a rush on the printers and many pensive makers craning over the printers and glaring at the percent-to-print readings on the machines.

hackagong 2014 wollongong







Fortunately, by the time we hit cutoff  the 4pm everything was over the line and ready for judging.

The overall winner was Infobahn, with one of the most novel and original ideas we’ve seen in a long time.  It was a self contained, web-connected chicken incubator.  The device rotates the eggs, monitors the temperature and has vibration sensors to alert  the poultry grower to the arrival of new chicks when they hatch.

There was a boatload of other excellent projects from the over 130 participants, too numerous to list here.  Check out the Facebook page and galleries for the 2014 hackathon  LINK

Major props to Nathan Waters who organised the event and the dedicated volunteer organisers who made it the towering success it was.

Bring on Hackagong 2015- we’re proud to be a part of this local Wollongong success story.

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