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Got an Idea? Make it Happen!

Modfab Australia are tickled pink to be running a 3d printing course in Sydney for the Australian Design Centre. The Australian Design Centre is known for it’s work with craft and maker movements.

Being able to run Modfab’s 3d printing course in Sydney to an audience that is familiar with the great work ADC do was amazing fun.

The Australian Design Centre is a wonderfully creative space, running CAD and 3D Printing Workshops to everyone from the very young to the more mature user.

Here’s some of the photos from the day.

3d printing course in Sydney
Public Workshop- 3D Printing & CAD

With laptop and latte in hand, these eager participants to our publicly run and advertised 3d printing course in Sydney got a taste of some of the magic Modfab Australia can supply.

This is a great way to introduce individuals to 3d printing without huge investments. It also gives curious people the opportunity to experience Modfab as a trainer and to see our 3d printing course in Sydney and in a live context. This is incredibly helpful for teachers, community workers and workers within organisations. For example, if you want to make a case for 3d printing classes in the workplace to be able to translate what you’ve learnt into something that appeals to stakeholders and budget holders.


What a busy week it has been. And there’s more to come.

Running our 3d printing course in Sydney saw a great mix of designers, lawyers, students and anyone who wants to know about Design, 3D Printing and CAD come together to learn and enjoy the day.

Everyone had an exploration into 3D Printing. We also took a stroll through the exciting Shapeshifters Exhibition right next door including artists like Louis Pratt with “King Coal” – it truly is a must see.

What an exciting couple of days we have had in the big smoke!

Want to see Modfab run a 3d printing course in Sydney or another capital city or town for your gallery, museum or cultural centre? Get in touch now. 




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