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Filament Storage Tips

Today, we’re going to take a look at some filament storage tips you can use when you are creating 3d printing projects, running training programs and/or dabbling with CAD.

Every so often, Modfab Australia take the time to put together some useful tips you can use with your 3d printing projects. We do this so you can learn by doing. Placing the practical knowledge in your hands so that you can apply it to the work you create is Modfab excels.

So without further ado, here are some filament storage tips for you!

ABS & PLA are hygroscopic. This means they take in moisture from the air and it can influence the way they behave. So things such as humidity and a rainy day can influence how your ABS and PLA filaments behave.

So your first of our filament storage tips is to remember that how you store these items matters.

To achieve the best quality print, the filament has to be in the best condition. ABS and PLA have the hygroscopic nature as their one and only common characteristic.

As explained before, Hygroscopic means that the material will absorb moisture. In the case of 3D printing filament, it will absorb moisture from the air and potentially become difficult to print with.

It is often not possible to detect if a filament has absorbed atmospheric moisture from its appearance.

However, once the filament is extruded through the machine it may start to hiss and pop with bubbles forming in the stream from the nozzle.

The print that results from this will be poor quality and mechanically weak.

To prevent this, filament needs to be stored in a container with a lid and some sort of desiccant or dehumidifying device in the enclosure.

This doesn’t have to be an incredibly complicated setup. The second tip is that plastic storage crates are ideal for the purpose!

Here’s what you should be looking for:

Filament Box - filament storage tips

Want more filament storage tips or ideas on making your 3d printing adventure shine? Head to the Modfab blog! 

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