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Fantastic Plastic catches the eye of the Prime Minister

Taking the Fantastic Plastic initiative to the Northern Territory was an honour in itself. Modfab Australia got to explain Plastic Fantastic in their own words and present Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull with his very own momento of the program.

Here’s the moment when Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull receives his 3D Printed “Ideas Boom” Box.

Look at the Prime Minister’s and wife’s delight in receiving their nifty 3D printed gift. It’s such a great thing to share these kinds of occasions.

ALPA and Modfab were proud to attend the Indigenous Digital Excellence Summit in Redfern on behalf of the ALPA communities in Arnhem Land. The Fantastic Plastic project in Arnhem Land was showcased as part of the Songlines at the Indigenous Digital Excellence Summit.  This is a program where remote communities were recycling plastic waste and using this to make 3D filament. This fantastic plastic was then re-used to create items that were wanted within the community such as in their printers to make toys.

Indigenous Digital Excellence Summit 2016

Indigenous Digital Excellence Summit 2016

Selfie at the the end of the Indigenous Digital Excellence Summit at Redfern

We were proud to be part of the shaping of the national strategy for Indigenous digital excellence in Australia. Fantastic Plastic is only one of an entire broad spectrum of activities.

The summit was held over 3 days which showcased numerous Indigenous digital technology projects which are currently being run. Some particularly eye-catching and imaginative applications of technology include the VACL language app which allows users to view Aboriginal stories from an iPAD and listen to the Aboriginal language it is spoken in.

Such great projects help keep culture flowing and innovative in modern times.

IDX Summit- Fantastic PlasticWe look forward to continuing our work with ALPA bringing 21st century to remote Indigenous communities.

Want to know more about Fantastic Plastic or other programs Modfab has been involved in? Check out our training section and our blog. 



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