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Students Excelling at STEAM – Sketching, Modelling and 3D Printing

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Imparting STEAM Skills in Primary School Aged Students

Modfab trained sixteen eager young students from year 5 and year 6 primary schools at the UOW Early Learning Labs – Gifted and Talented Workshops to use Design, CAD and 3D printing. Here, we combine STEAM principles – so science, technology, engineering, arts and maths- to create creative projects.

Above is a year 5 student Sony from Keiraville Public School who drew her design using accurate dimensions and then created it in CAD Software.

All the students who attended were exposed to 3D Printing Literacy and Numeracy and CAD technology along with design principles.  At the end of the two days, they realised their 3D Printed projects.  What they found amazing was the fact that they had an idea which they sketched on paper – turned into a digital file and then had a tangible product in their hands.

Students were highly engaged with the workshop and its concepts, and could see benefits of 3D Printing Technology in future careers.  Everyone in the course was impressed that their individualised designs regardless of complexity could be 3D Printed resulting in unique project.

STEAM (or STEM as it is otherwise known) is a great foundation for early learning. Modfab Australia is proud to bring our workshops and training to primary and infants schools. Watching the creativity and application of the STEAM skills by students is an inspiring thing indeed.

We thank the students and teachers for making these activities so rewarding. Modfab looks forward to bringing even more STEAM – so science, technology, engineering, arts and maths – to other activities right across the Illawarra and Australia.

If you are a teacher or school looking at ways to apply STEAM to your curriculum, why not check out the range of training programs we offer? Modfab have tailored our programs to suit you and we’re a BOSTE approved trainer.

Take your STEAM workshops to new heights with Modfab today!

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