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Enabling 3d printing for schools like Picton High School

Supplying the relevant equipment to enable 3d printing for schools is something Modfab Australia excels at. We enjoy being able to work with primary and high schools to give access to all kinds of equipment, large and small. We also help the growth of 3d printing for schools of all kinds with the right kind of student and teacher training.

We were fortunate to be contacted by Michelle Sapsed, the Principal of Picton High School. Principal Sapsed invited Modfab to supply the school with four 3D printers.

From a few choices presented, the school chose three FlashForge Creator X machines and a SeeMeCNC Rostock Max V2. This was in addition to the printers they already had in their technology faculty.

Andrew Stephens (Head Teacher Industrial Arts) and our own Ben Roberts from Modfab Australia installed the printers in the library with the assistance of Gary, the IT tech.

3d printing for schools - Picton High School
The new 3D printers from Modfab in the library

Making 3d printing for schools accessible and workable with both the BOSTE curriculum and the school’s own ideas of what innovation should look like is both a love and a talent of Modfab.

The idea with hosting them in the library is to make the 3d printers available to the students all the time.  This gives ready access during free periods, class and in between times to both student and staff alike.

Ben will be training members of the library staff. The library staff will in turn be around to assist the students both inside and outside their lesson times if they want to use the machines.

This means the students have the maximum amount of access to create 3d print enabled projects as assignments and to grow their abilities.

Stephen and Gary from Picton High


The Modfab Australia team wish Picton High every success with this initiative.  Can’t wait to see what the kids come up with!

Want help to make 3d printing for schools a part of your school’s curriculum? Get in touch with Modfab today!  

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