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The end results of the Milingimbi workshop for 3d printing

Welcome to day 5 of the Milingimbi workshop for 3d printing and CAD. Modfab Australia have had an amazing time working with students, candidates and local community groups on individual and group 3D printing projects.

Today, we can finally see the fruits of all that labour in Christmas ornaments and personal artefacts from this specifically designed  workshop for 3d printing.

Let’s take a look at some of the results of the Milingimbi workshop for 3d printing

workshop for 3d printing Xmas decoration
3d printed Christmas decoration

Today we concentrated on Christmas – it is just around the corner after all!

Check out this amazing Christmas wreath.

CAD Christmas Design
CAD Christmas Design

We made very detailed wreaths and trees.

But the workshop for 3d printing isn’t only about Christmas or decoration. Some of the items created are quite practical. For example, the ear bud holders introduced in our last blog.

Another idea was fishing lures.  The one below represents about four or five cents worth of plastic, a couple of hooks and a small amount of fishing line.

Commercial lures can cost well into the $20 to 30 mark.  All we need is a keen angler to test it!

3D printed fishing lure
3D Printed fishing lure

This is a great product for sporting and hobby anglers alike and could very well be the start of a new business idea.

The beautiful thing about the workshop for 3d printing and CAD idea is that each student could choose what worked for them. They could lean towards the arts, culture and creativity. Or make practical items such as the sunglasses or this fishing lure. At the centre of each project is the ability to demonstrate practical knowledge while creating something that reflects personality, creativity and personal interest.

As for the Modfab team, we’re going to chill for the weekend and just finish off some of the printing. Then it’s off to Rammo on Monday!

We’d like to extend a hearty thank you to all our participants, well wishers and supporters while we’ve visited Milingimbi. It’s been great.



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