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Developing CAD 3D models on day 4 at Millingimbi

Computer aided drawing or CAD 3D models form the basis of any good 3D printing project. In previous days, Modfab has introduced participants of our 3D printing classes at Arnhem Land’s Milingimbi Island to Tinkercad, general 3d printer training  and introduced STEM via 3D technology.

During today’s proceedings, we worked with candidates to create models through their original ideas, design and the technology available.

Earphone HolderCAD 3d models

Today we gave the candidates a choice of two projects.  Geraldine’s CAD 3d models were translated into earbuds. This version turned out extremely well.

Les_snake_totemThe other project was to create a totem animal.

Everyone has a tribal totem animal here in the Northern Territory. Totems help tell where you are from, your cultural identity, as part of your tribe and in identifying your lands, lore and spirit. They provide a sense of belonging and heritage. They can also display all kinds of aspects of living such as clan, local and dream totems.

Les’s totem is the snake. So he chose to combine the earbud holder with his totem.

He spent about an hour decorating his snake before it was ready to print.

Joy’s totem is the crab. You can see the colour, skill and artistry both Joy and Les have displayed with their creations in the 3D CAD models they have made.

Below they are both being set up to print.

 CAD 3d models
CAD Snake and Crab totem

using 3D CAD models helps participants to take their ideas from concepts in the mind through to design their projects in a usable format. Using 3D software helps visualise the final product. It allows the creator and the person printing the project to bridge the gap between concept and final product.

Being able to see your creations come to life in such a small time span helps develop a sense of how the technology works. Gone are the days of theory and hoping for the best. With 3D CAD models, you can work towards your desired outcomes without worrying about dropping stitches or coming across issues during the production phase.

Got a group that’d benefit from learning how to handle 3D CAD models? Modfab have got a great range of 3d printer and CAD training courses available.

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