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Using Tinkercad at Northern Territory 3d printing classes

We’re now into day three of our Northern Territory 3d printing classes at the sensational Milingimbi. If you haven’t following the story thus far, Modfab Australia has been working in part of Arnhem Land with a sensational and varied group of students.

We’ve spent time with the local schools, community groups, the Men’s Shed and employment services. Already, our Northern Territory 3d printing classes are proving to be quite popular. As a team, we’re also learning a lot about the region, cultural heritage and what inspires creativity in this wonderful bit of Australian country.

Here’s part 3 of our Northern Territory 3d printing classes adventures

Today, we’re taking a deep dive into one of the mainstays of 3D printing technology, Tinkercad. This great software is a favourite of the Modfab team.

Tinkercad is a simple yet effective, low barrier to entry computer aided design (CAD) software program. It’s specifically designed to use in 3D print projects and allows for easy modelling.

Let’s check out all the fun of using Tinkercad in Milingimbi as part of Modfab’s Northern Territory 3d printing classes.

Northern Territory 3d printing classes 

Yesterday after everyone went home, we rearranged the RJCP board room so that we could teach Tinkercad more effectively.

The candidates have already produced numerous practical objects with the most popular being the mobile phone cases. I’ll post up some pictures tomorrow of the great works produced.

Each day we have attracted new learners and we have some of the candidates from day 1 teaching the newcomers. It appears that word of Northern Territory 3d printing classes is spreading around Milingimbi and Arnhem Land.

Tomorrow, we should receive the sunglasses lenses we ordered before we left and we will begin work on our customised sunglasses!

Here’s a picture of Jacob modelling the prototypes.

Jacob 3d printer sunglasses

Looks like there’s a new fashion item in town, wouldn’t you say?

Want us to bring our specialist Northern Territory 3d printing classes to your school, community group or organisation? Get in touch now! 

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