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Bringing 3d printer training to the Northern Territory

Bringing 3d printer training to Milingimbi in the Northern Territory has been a lot of fun for the Modfab team.

On day 2, we introduced the creation of sunglasses using 3d printing technology and CAD skills.

Check out the class in action in this great photo below.

3d printer training to Milingimbi
Bringing 3d printer training to Milingimbi

We had excellent attendance at today’s session with some newcomers having their first go at modelling in 3D.

Our star student from yesterday, Vanessa, helped out by teaching the new candidates.  This is exactly one of the outcomes we were hoping to achieve. Not only are people like Vanessa showing a personal interest, we can see the potential in 3d printer training for the future through Vanessa taking the time out to help her fellow students.

Teacher training and expanding these programs, especially for people by people in the local community is a powerful way to create jobs and a lasting interest in STEM throughout all ages.


Great progress is being made in the 3d printer training classes already.

Yesterday’s attendees moved on to more advanced projects. One was a mobile phone case. The other was using 3d printer technology and CAD to create a pair of customised sunglasses.

The love of the smart phone technology stretches to all corners of the globe and Arnhem Land is no exception. The 3d prints for the smart phone cases is providing quite a popular class project.  In fact, the phone case looks like becoming the most popular item to 3D print we’ve had so far!


Tomorrow, we’ll be doing more designing and printing with our existing groups.

The afternoon will see the Modfab team working with a a group of teachers coming from Milingimbi school for some 3d printer training.

We’re also welcoming Rob from the local Men’s Shed, who is interested to see what kind of application 3d printing can make to his activities.

Want to experiment with 3d printer training for your town, community group or school? Modfab can help!

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