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Teaching STEM in the top end: Day 1 at Millingimbi

Modfab are incredibly excited about teaching STEM in the top end. Bringing science, technology, creativity and the practical skills to enable the use of STEM long term to places like the Northern Territory is something we fee strongly about.

Charting our journey to bring CAD and 3d printing to Australians of all sorts of ages, backgrounds and interest levels helps us understand the primary purposes of Modfab.

So you can imagine our excitement at travelling to Millingimbi, a place within the East Arnhem Land Regional Council area first of all. And how humbled we are to be teaching STEM in this beautiful and culturally rich part of Australia’s Northern Territory.

Here’s some of the snapshots of our adventures teaching STEM in this truly magical part of the country.

teaching STEM
Cessna twin

We boarded the charter plane at Darwin with a 90 minute flight ahead of us to Millingimbi.

Lucky for us the weather was calm and once we hit cruising altitude, it was smooth as silk.



We flew over some spectacular scenery including several of the broad, snaking rivers. It is glorious countryside.

This picture is the South Alligator.


Our first day of STEM training went really well. But as usual, we were so busy doing it, we failed to take any pictures! It was great to be with a group that was curious, creative and passionate about STEM.

After the candidates left for the day, we got down to some experimental filament making.

The HDPE is working well in the Filabot with both the regrind that Lisa brought and the blended milk bottles and caps we bought.


The Modfab Australia team would like to thank candidates, staff and interested parties alike for making our first day in Millingimbi so rewarding.

We look forward to sharing more of our STEM training adventures in the Northern Territory on the blog. So make sure you tune in!

Want to bring STEM training to your workplace, community group or school? Get in touch with Modfab now. 

March 15, 2017
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