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When it comes to the opportunity to do 3d projects, imagination truly is the mother of invention. Our customer approached Jon and Kerry at The Cheese Shop in Mosman to allow him to do a window front for them featuring a cable car scene. Finally we decided to focus on Taronga Zoo and Sydney Harbour and work began immediately.

Animals were then downloaded from to build a library of animals for 3D printing. A scale relative to the whale tails and printed everything else to be around the right size. His very talented wife helped remove the support material and painted all the models and backdrops.

“All the plastic came from my favourite suppliers at We used a both ABS and PETg in 1.75mm diameter. The plastic roles arrived vacuum sealed with silica gel bags for dryness and printed perfectly,” he explained.

“After printing the animals and boats, my wife lightly sanded and painted with a Gesso undercoat, then painted the details on all parts.

At the same time I began design work on the cable car. The cable car runs on an arduino and motor shield. This drives a servo which has been hacked to run as a geared DC motor. The motor then runs two printed gears that run the main drive shaft for the cable car.

A plastic base was designed in CAD to position and hold the servo, main shaft and vertical timber post. This allowed the positions of the top pulleys, cable and gondola to be determined.

All parts were printed and glued in place, then they were set in plaster of paris and painted, so that they looked in keeping with the rest of the model.

Finally they were epoxy glued to some dumbbell weights to anchor the cable car in place. The cable car runs like a dream.”

If anybody wants 3D printing projects, design or arduino programming done, please call Llewellyn Evans.

If anybody is interested in our customer services feel free to contact him via his YouTube channel.

Here is 3D Printed Cable Car from his 3d printing projects portfolio:

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