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3d printer training course candidates visit ACES

At Modfab Australia, we want to produce the best possible educators from our 3d printer training course range. We’re especially interested in maintaining a high standard of teacher training.

This is of particular interest as we believe that sound a sound teacher geared 3d printer training course will help enable hundreds of schools and thousands of students.

Through using the right technology and teacher training methodology, we can strengthen and grow interest in 3d technology much faster than if we go it alone.

As part of our commitment to the 3d printer training course, the candidates in Modfab‘s pilot teacher training program were offered the opportunity to visit the ARC Centre for Excellence in Electromaterials facility at the University of Wollongong’s Innovation Campus. 

The group was given a most informative tour of the facilities by Additive Fabrication Officer, Fletcher Thompson. A variety of relevant equipment was demonstrated. Each student to the 3d printer training course was given practical knowledge and skills as well as the opportunity to see how the technology comes together in a practical sense.

The equipment and tools of the trade were explained to the participants. This included a high resolution metal printer capable of resolutions down to 25 microns.

You don’t even need to be excited by the idea of a 3d printer training course to understand what a great opportunity this was!

Here are some of the pictures from the event for you to enjoy:

Martin Bezzina from Wollongong TAFE inspects a titanium print from the metal printer.

The group was also shown the bioprinting equipment and heard about the diverse range of research that was in progress in the lab.

The bioprinter which is so essential to the work being done by the ACES lab
Ross Tanswell from Kanahooka High, checks out the incredible detail in the titanium print.
Adam Toole from Dapto High with an intricate titanium honeycomb structure.
The SLM-50 metal printer made by German company Realizer.
3d printing teacher training course Australia
The group gets the low-down on the Objet polyjet printer.
3d printer training course at ACES Wollongong
The candidates admire the many sample prints on display.

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