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3d printing school curriculum in action at St Philip’s Christian College

3d printing school curriculum is really starting to make waves in high schools and primary schools across the country. The Modfab team are seeing more Australian schools looking for ways to introduce STEM via 3d printing school curriculum activities and classes to make learning accessible and fun.

One such school is St Philip’s Christian College in the Newcastle and Hunter Valley region.

Ben Roberts from Modfab has been working with TAS teacher Dave Bonzo from St Philips Christian College on 3d printing, CAd and related technologies.

As a Technology and Applied Studies teacher (TAS as they are otherwise known), Dave has a keen interest in exploring new ways to design, create and make use of technology in the classroom.

Such is his enthusiasm for the 3d printing school curriculum aims, he welcomes the opportunity to talk to Modfab about the kinds of projects and work he has been doing at classroom level.

We gladly whipped out the video camera to capture this moment in time to share with anyone within the school community and other other schools in Australia that may be considering the sorts of services Modfab offers to help boost their technology capabilities.

The aim of the video is to give an introduction to 3D printing and see some of the awesome projects his students have created using CAD and 3D Printing skills. Dave’s school has been involved with 3D Printing for over 2 years now and their commitment to 3d printing school curriculum activities shows in the quality of the work produced.

The products the students create are innovative and unique allowing them to use their imagination and design.

So without further fanfare, here’s Ben Roberts and Dave Bonzo:

Modfab interviews Dave Bonzo about 3D Printing

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