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3D Printing & CAD – STEM Workshops at Wollongong Science Centre

STEM workshops are gaining in popularity. It’s fantastic to see the movement grow. Equally fantastic is the opportunity to help grow the movement by offering STEM workshops in our home town.

That’s why working with the Wollongong Science Centre  to offer 3D Printing & CAD classes under a STEM workshops program has been such a great experience.

Working with kids in STEM workshops means balancing that fine art of teaching the science and technology while keeping the engagement high. That’s why we decided on making something that could encourage thinking, creativity and of course, play, well and truly after the event.

The item we chose to focus on with our STEM workshops was their very own 3d printed puzzle.

As expected, the primary school aged students in our STEM workshops excelled at creating their own 3D printed puzzle. Their designs were created as a unique project whilst students were fully engaged in science, technology, engineering and maths.

Having this hands on, practical and imaginative approach to 3d printing allowed the kids to get into the process without the usual STEM barriers. All the students were excited to learn about 3D Printing literacy and numeracy. They were intrigued and eager to learn about the slicing software. And watching their very own project come to life via the 3D Printer was something we could see supplied a lot of pride.

With the help of STEM workshops such as this and backing from places such as Wollongong Science Centre, it’s not hard to see the potential. These kids are the mini-makers and entrepreneurs of the future.

Even with Modfab’s experience with teaching classes and running 3d printing lessons, we were really pleased with the results and participation.

Seeing the faces of the students reflect that sense of achievement and hearing them discuss 3d printing was an absolute joy.

3D Printed Maze for STEM workshops
Unique 3D Printed MazePu as part of our STEM workshops

We look forward to working with Wollongong Science Centre and organisations like them across Australia.

If you’re looking at running STEM workshops at your museum, learning centre or as part of your school’s commitment to science, get in touch! 

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